Leadership Training

First Class People, Development, and Consultancy

With many years of experience working as a Operational Manager for a number of national and international organisations and more recently over a decade working within Human Resources for the public sector, being able to marry both skills to my specialised area of Training and Development Management, I have also developed and delivered a number of high quality training courses, a few of which are highlighted below.
  • Leadership Training
  • Sales Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Mentoring Training
  • Reception Training
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management Trainer
  • Performance Management
For more information on our additional training, please call us on m:
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  1. Covering:  Scotland, Lanarkshire, Lothians, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee

Business Support

Do you find yourself, working harder than you need to in order to achieve business success through your employees, do you ever wonder why they are not fully engaged in helping you to succeed.
Do you look at business data and notice that your employee turnover, sickness absence and poor performance issues and wonder why they might be high.
Its probably down to just two things, a poor company induction where the confidence and competence of a new learning employee is not considered and secondly regular formal and or informal communication (performance appraisals and employee one to one’s) to provide review and support for employees is not taken seriously.
Get these two things right induct and support your employee at the earliest stage, get your employees to fully engaged in the performance management cycle to include performance appraisals and employee one to one’s and see the improvements in overall productivity.
If you would like to know more and would like to see your business succeed further please get in contact for a consultation, some simple fixes just might make all the difference to your bottom line.
Consultation fees start at just £200.00 per day.